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Craig + Josh Engaged | Arnold Arboretum Engagement Photography

Same Sex Engagement Session at Arnold Arboretum

Black and White Photo taken from in a tree looking down at adventurous couple

A few weeks ago we met up with this awesome couple at the always gorgeous Arnold Arboretum for their engagement session!

Couple in front of lilac bushes at Arnold Arboretum

Holding hands during their engagement session at Arnold Arboretum

We laughed our way through the whole session and they completely rocked it in front of the camera! These guys were so much fun to photograph and it made us even more excited for their wedding this October!

Arnold Arboretum engagement session image of a couple walking away from the camera holding hands on a path through the trees

Couple goofing off during their engagement session in Boston

They were even willing to lay on the ground for a good five minutes while I climbed a tree to get a unique perspective; one of my favorite photographs from their Boston engagement session!

Two guys posing among the trees for their engagement session at the Arnold Arboretum

Staying in the shade for the perfect light at Arnold Arboretum

The Arnold Arboretum is one of my absolute favorite locations for engagement and portrait sessions. There is so much variety; we always walk away with completely unique images!

A couple poses among the trees in the park

A purple plum tree made the perfect backdrop for this portrait

Mid-day, broad daylight..not traditionally the ideal time for portrait photography. At the Arboretum though…it works beautifully!!

A black and white engagement session image from the Arnold Arboretum of two attractive men cheek to cheek under a tree

Black and white Arnold Arboretum engagement session image of a gay couple looking into the eyes of one another

An amazing array of paths and open space under the canopy of vast old trees creates soft dappled light even at noon. The grounds are so well maintained that we never worry about scheduling a session there even if the weather looks less than ideal.

Surrounded by the green foliage of the tree that they are standing under this gay couple seems to enjoy a moment alone duing there Arnold Arboretum engagement session

A gay couple sits on top of a stone wall holding hands during there Arnold Arboretum engagement session

Peering through the lattice to get a unique perspective of this couple during there Arnold Arboretum engagement session

Same sex engagement session at arnold arboretum

Craig + Joshua were so much fun to work with. Watching them together was a reminder of one of the many reasons we love being wedding photographers.

A couple, almost silhouette in front of a gorgeous magnolia during their engagement photos at Arnold Arboretum

Lokking at the camera and embracing while posing for an image during there Arnold Arboretum engagement session

Under a tree in the Arnold Arboretum a same sex couple poses for a photograph during there engagement session

Seemingly small in the frame a same sex couple poses for a photograph surrounded by magnolia flowers during there Arnold Arboretum engagement session

Engagement sessions in Boston are always done with an audience, just part of being in the city. These two though, seemed to forget that any one else was on the planet, let alone within 25 feet.

Piggy back rides are the best

A black and white image of a couple enjoying a piggy back ride during an engagement session in the Arnold Arboretum near Boston Massachusetts

Sunglasses on and giving bunny ears during there Arnold Arboretum engagement session

In a filed of green this couple poses with sunglasses on duing there Arnold Arboretum engagement session

I love walking away from an engagement session knowing that the wedding is going to be amazing!

Resting together on a bench at the end of their Arnold Arboretum engagement session this same sex couple holds hands

Sitting on a bench at the Arnold arboretum near Boston

Walking down thin asphalt path in the Arnold Arboretum away from the camera at the end of their engagement session

A huge congratulations to Craig and Josh, we hope you love these photos! We absolutely can not wait for your wedding!!!

Matt + Ariel

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