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Our Top 5 Alternatives to Cake for Your Asheville Wedding

I think it’s important to start out with an important admission. We love cake! More to the point, we LOVE wedding cake!

Now that we have cleared that up, we also love options! The big downside to wedding cake is that you normally only see one or maybe two options within a single cake. Some of the alternatives that we have come up with in this post however can have 10 or 15 variations for your guests. At the same price or less than a typical wedding cake…how can you go wrong?

In an effort not to insult dessert of any kind, I would like to take this opportunity to mention that the following options are in no particular order. Here we go…

Four tiers of colorful cupcakes  on a white table waiting for wedding guests to dig in


That’s right…mini cakes!! Are you worried about straying to far from tradition? Do you just want more variety than cake can offer? Miniaturize and multiply!!

Cupcakes today are nothing like my mom used to put on the table. {Sorry Mom} Gourmet cupcakes are amazing and the options are virtually unlimited! I want a cupcake…I may need to take a break.

Wedding dessert options including mint stick chocolate moose, pumpkin creme brulee and an assortment of tarts

Assorted Mini Desserts

I know, I know…this one is a bit of a copout. I really tried to be more specific but I haven’t found a dessert served in a ramekin yet that I don’t love. Forget subtleties in variation with this option. Give your guests an endless range of options with mini desserts.

The biggest piece of advice I have with this option is to vary everything! That’s right, try to get different textures, sweetness levels, colors and serving temperatures!

In our experience these mini desserts have the lowest left over count by far! Variety is king.

A wedding cake alternative, this chocolate fountain with assorted fruit on a stick is amazing

The Always Popular Chocolate Fountain

Seriously…a four foot tall tower of chocolate flowing like a thick, delicious waterfall. Surround this tower with anything and everything that you want to try eating covered in chocolate. Strawberries, blueberries, marshmallows, maybe some bacon…I’m just saying. Mmmm…bacon

If you’re anything like me 20 more things just popped into your mind to cover in chocolate! Now…imagine…many, many towers! Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, maybe some spicy chocolate or orange infused chocolate! Oh my…time to move on.

A wedding dessert table covered in assorted cookie options for guests

A Cookie Bar

Cookies and milk is classic. Everybody enjoys a well baked cookie and as a dessert at a wedding it brings a sense of comfort and familiarity that you don’t get from cake.

Again you gain a good amount of variety. Don’t forget that all the variety doesn’t have to come from the cookie selection. Dunking options can create a great deal of interest as well. Milk may be the classic but hot chocolate can be an excellent experiential upgrade. Now try flavoring that hot chocolate…I know, next.

Three tiers of waffle cones and an assortment of candy toppings make this ice cream bar a big hit at weddings

An Ice Cream Bar

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!

Ice cream bars are brilliant! I still feel like a little kid every time we go out for ice cream. Your guests will love it!

The colors that can be incorporated through the topping selections is incredible. Soft serve keeps things moving but hard local ice cream is a big crowd pleaser.

Keep the Cake

You can always keep the cake if you want to. Any of the options above can be combined in any way imaginable. We have seen weddings with almost all of the above possibilities. The important thing to remember is that you are not stuck with cake. If wedding cake isn’t your thing…don’t get one. You have options.

Did the options above inspire you to do something great with your wedding dessert? Do you think it’s wrong to have a wedding without a cake? Does it seem like I got a little to excited by the chocolate fountain?

Tell us what you think! Leave some other interesting ideas in the comments! Share this post with everyone you know!

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