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Gorgeous bride and groom pose on old wooden bridge during their wedding party outside Asheville NCpintopinterest gorgeous young couple steal a glance at each other during their wedding portraitspintopinterest

Oh how special this wedding celebration was to me!! At the beginning of July Piper and I traveled to NC to begin preparing for our move south!! We accomplished a ton of things during our week long including meeting with some pretty phenomenal wedding vendors at the top of the wedding industry both in Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC… Stay tuned over the next few weeks, we’re going to feature some of those awesome wedding vendors here on our blog!! While in the Carolina’s some very good friends of mine had their backyard wedding celebration at their families home, a home that I practically grew up in (Quite literally… It’s debatable whether I spent more of my teenage years at my own home or camping out on the floor of my very best friends room). Since I couldn’t bear to attend a wedding without actually taking some photo’s and since Josh and Alivia were keeping it low key had no photographer I couldn’t help but offer to capture a few images of their event!

Backyard weddings have always been my favorite… My top reasons why:

    1. It’s always a labor of love; close friends and family gather together to help make this a special day for the bride and groom. Everyone is there laughing (sometimes crying and sweating are involved too) together as the setup takes place, yes it’s a lot of work but it truly is amazing to see the amount of love and support that surrounds the union of two people!

    2. It’s always about the couple; I know.. that sounds bad but I actually mean it in the best of ways. Weddings should be all about the couple and the marriage… It shouldn’t be about a fancy venue, the food or the decorations (don’t get me wrong I love photographing beautiful details!!!). Now this is not to say that backyard weddings don’t have details, in fact some of my favorite details come from backyard weddings… Generally the details that are present have been created by the couple and say a lot about who they are!!

    3. The food; We have had some of the absolute best food at backyard weddings. From non-traditional caterers like food trucks (if you’re looking for an awesome non tradition asheville wedding caterer, check out Farm to Fender) to going potluck style, we’ve seen it all and it’s been amazing!! One of our couples even chose to have a pigroast at their family campground wedding!

    4. It’s all about having fun; I haven’t been to a backyard wedding yet where the couple didn’t make it a priority to enjoy their wedding day!!

Josh and Alivia’s North Carolina wedding celebration was no exception… A huge congratulations to these two!! Thanks so much for letting me pick up a camera and capture some images of you guys!!

handpicked wildflowers adorned the tables of this beautiful backyard weddingpintopinterest The flowers were truly a team effort. Mattie and I purchased the flowers just a few hours before the party. Jeralyn, Alivia’s good friend played the rockstar florist and organized all the flowers into the beautiful arrangements you see! I think they turned out gorgeous! What do you think? picnic tables with blue table clothes and handpicked flowers were the feature of this DIY backyard wedding pintopinterest beautiful blue and orange flowers adorned the tables of this backyard weddingpintopinterest gorgeous lanterns hung from magnolia trees during this backyard asheville weddingpintopinterest I can honestly say I’ve never seen a green tarp at a wedding… Mike and Josh worked hard to string the tarp up between the barn and a very large gorgeous magnolia tree. They decorated the shelter with beautiful lights. I gotta say, I love it!! handpicked wildflowers with candles and books decorated the picnic tables during this crafty diy backyard asheville weddingpintopinterest blue and white flowers adorned the tables underneath a green tarp with lights was the setting for this backyard asheville wedding pintopinterest beautiful flowers adorned the bright blue table clothes which sat underneath hand strewn lanterns pintopinterest wedding guests pose for a quick portrait during backyard wedding celebration pintopinterest Two of my absolute favorite people on earth… recently engaged couple smiles at the camera for quick photopintopinterest These two just got engaged. I’m so very happy for them and can’t wait to be Mattie’s Maid of Honor at their wedding next year!! I think I’ll leave the camera behind 🙂 adorable bride and groom hold hands and steal glances at each other during their wedding portraitspintopinterest young bride and groom smiling at the camera in front of greenerypintopinterest bride looks up at her groom as they pose along a wooded gravel driveway pintopinterest bride and groom hold hands and walk along a beautiful green driveway pintopinterest black and white image of bride and groom holding handspintopinterest beautiful bride embraces her husband during backyard wedding portraitspintopinterest bride and groom pose for a picture on gorgeous wooden bridge in the forest during their backyard wedding pintopinterest bride and groom looking at the camera for this wedding day couples portrait pintopinterest bride and groom embrace in the middle of old wooden forest bridge pintopinterest bride rests her head on grooms shoulder during the forest wedding portraitspintopinterest bride and her sister pose for a quick sibling portraitpintopinterest bride and her two siblings smile for a quick family picturepintopinterest wedding guests smile at camera for a quick portrait pintopinterest I love this picture above of these two very special people who just celebrated their anniversary!!

Needless to say my trip south was amazing and I cannot wait to officially be NC residents and Asheville wedding photographers as of this September!!

On that note…. Matt and I are currently offering some amazing promotions for 2015/2016 wedding dates as welcome to the area!! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Asheville or anywhere through WNC and the SC Upstate.. Or if you know of anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer we’d love to hear from you!!
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  • Christopher Mandeville

    Some truly WONDERFUL photographs of some truly WONDERFUL PEOPLE – a very special family who have touched my life deeply. So good to see the joy and love so vibrantly expressed. Great job, Ariel! Great love, Carruths! Congratulations, Josh and Alivia!!!ReplyCancel

Bride and Groom hold hands with the sky and mountains behind them on their Mount Washington Wedding day pintopinterest Gorgeous bride and her groom stand in a field with the brides veil blowing in the windpintopinterest

New this year is a pre-wedding questionnaire for each of our couples to fill out which covers basic timeline, important pictures, family dynamics, what the bride and groom hope to capture in the pictures between the two of them etc… Under almost every section that pertained to important images Kim and Mike put something like “we laugh all the time and we want our pictures to capture that side” or “our wedding party is a fun crew!”… Matt and I just looked at each other and (albeit slightly jokingly) I know we were both thinking that they couldn’t possibly be that fun a crowd… OH NO.. How wrong Matt and I were… Kim and Mike along with their amazing wedding party truly laughed and joked their way through their whole wedding day. The were just radiating joy and happiness throughout their whole wedding day! Needless to say, we absolutely had a blast capturing their day, their wedding was such a fabulous reminder of how much we love our job.

These two chose the always stunning Omni Mount Washington Hotel for their summer mountain wedding! This was a destination for all and they had a little over 100 of their friends and family join them for the wedding weekend! The wedding day was absolutely perfect down to the weather cooperating 100% with our photography needs 🙂
We can’t thank you enough, Kim and Mike, for having us be a part of your wonderful wedding day! I’m so excited to share some of our favorite images from their day!!

pretty blue shoes and gorgeous stella york dress hanging in mountain washington hotel's windowpintopinterest Gorgeous Stella York Wedding gown hangs in the window of the Omni Mount Washington Hotelpintopinterest

Kim’s dress was absolutely stunning, just wait till you see the back, which we made sure to get a picture of during bridal portraits after the ceremony….

gorgeous bride smiling at the very sweet card her groom gave her pintopinterest Groom smiling as he opens his wedding day present from his bride to bepintopinterest Special key ring to the groom with coins and dates engravedpintopinterest handsome groom during his omni mount washington wedding pops some champagne in celebrationpintopinterest

Opening champagne is always precarious business

gorgeous bride gets into her gown before her mountain wedding ceremonypintopinterest Beautiful smiling bride and her girls putting her veil in before her luxury mountain wedding pintopinterest Bride and her dad see each other for the first time pintopinterest gorgeous bride and her mom smiling at each other before her omni mount washington wedding pintopinterest White and blue wedding ceremony programs rest on the mountain vegeation pintopinterest black and white image of gorgeous bride on the Omni Mt. Washington staircase pintopinterest

One of Kim’s must have photographs was one of her on the grand staircase in the gorgeous Mt. Washington Hotel lobby

elegant blue and white florals adorned the ceremony locationpintopinterest smiling bride and her dad walk down the  aisle during her mountain wedding ceremony pintopinterest a very happy groom watches his bride walk down the aisle at the start of his luxury mountain wedding pintopinterest

Look at how over the moon happy Mike looks to see his gorgeous bride

handsome groom hugs the brides dad at the start  of his mountain wedding ceremonypintopinterest Bride smiles up at handsome groom during their Omni Mount Washington Weddingpintopinterest adorable bride and groom laugh while exchanging rings during their beautiful mountain ceremonypintopinterest handsome groom smiling during his summertime mountain weddingpintopinterest the presidential mountain range in NH was the backdrop for this beautiful summertime wedding ceremony pintopinterest bride and groom hugging the grooms parents during their gorgeous mountain ceremonypintopinterest Black and white image of bride and groom smiling at each other just before their first kisspintopinterest adorable bride and groom share their first kiss as husband and wife during their stunning mountain weddingpintopinterest groom tosses brides veil in the air for a fun mountain bridal portraitpintopinterest

I was going to photoshop out Mike from this photograph but his expression is just to good.. Definitely one of my favorite moments of the day

handsome groom shows off his wedding band to the wedding partypintopinterest a gorgeous bride shows off the back of her stunning Stella York wedding gown during a mountain bridal portraitpintopinterest

Oh gosh, that dress… It’s so gorgeous!!

the gorgeous bride and her beautiful bridesmaids giggle during bridal party portraitspintopinterest beautiful bride and her bridesmaids look at the camera during their mountain bridal portraitspintopinterest the groom and his gentlemen show off their red white and blue patriotic wedding sockspintopinterest the groom and his best man shaking handspintopinterest the handsome groom and his groomsmen goofing off during wedding wedding party pictures at the base of mount washingtonpintopinterest the wedding party walking across mount washington hotels stunning golf coursepintopinterest the bride and groom with their wedding party cheering for summer time mountain portraitspintopinterest

Mount Washington made a perfect backdrop for some mountain themed wedding party photographs!

the bride and groom driving a golf cart for some fun couples wedding day portraitspintopinterest beautiful purple green and blue wedding centerpieces were beautiful for this mountain wedding pintopinterest loving the white and blue color scheme of this mountain wedding receptionpintopinterest white and purple flowers adorned the circular tables during this summertime wedding receptionpintopinterest the traditional and very elegant white wedding cake was adorned with pretty purple green and white flowerspintopinterest a very exuberant bride and groom cheer as they enter their wedding reception for their first dance as husband and wifepintopinterest the most adorable bride and groom laugh together as they enjoy their first dance as husband and wifepintopinterest bride and groom embrace during their first dance as husband and wife during their gorgeous summertime wedding receptionpintopinterest

Kim and Mike had one my favorite first dances of the season… it was a perfect combination of practiced (choreographed) but also very candid, fun and relaxed

beautiful bride and her two maids of honor pose for a quick portraitpintopinterest beautiful bride and a groomsmen laughing during the gorgeous ballroom wedding receptionpintopinterest the adorable bride and groom laughing during one of the speeches at their fabulous wedding receptionpintopinterest the brides mom dancing up a storm during the wedding receptionpintopinterest the groom dancing with the brides grandmother during a very fun wedding receptionpintopinterest two weddings guests being goofy for the camera on the dance floor of an omni mount washington weddingpintopinterest the bride covers her face as her groom attempts to cut the wedding cake during their mount washington hotel wedding receptionpintopinterest the bride and groom share a post wedding cake cutting kiss during their fun mountain wedding receptionpintopinterest a gorgeous bride and groom hold hands and pose for an outdoor mountain wedding portraitpintopinterest the bride and groom laugh hysterically after the bride grabs grooms tie during couples wedding portraitspintopinterest

This may be hands down by favorite image from their wedding day, I just love how much laughter their is!

bride and groom holding hands for a wedding portrait on the mountain terrace of the mount washington hotelpintopinterest the brides beautiful blue wedding shoes in the foreground while the bride stands in the background with her handsome groompintopinterest the bride and groom kiss during their mountain wedding portraitspintopinterest the beautiful bride dances during her fun wedding reception pintopinterest the bride was terrified during the Hora a traditional jewish chair dancepintopinterest bride and groom laughing at each other during the always fun Hora during their summertime wedding receptionpintopinterest the bride and groom have a blast during a crowd favorite during any reception, the horapintopinterest a very happy groom dancing with wedding guests during his fun wedding receptionpintopinterest the beautiful bride and her dad danced up a storm during the wedding receptionpintopinterest bride and groom with the brides two maid of honors being goofy during the wedding receptionpintopinterest bride and groom showing off their dance moves on the terrance of the stunning mount washington hotelpintopinterest gorgeous bride and groom pose in the great hall inside the beautiful Omni Mount Washington Hotel during their wedding receptionpintopinterest bride and groom pose for an end of the night image in front of the gorgeous mount washington hotel pintopinterest Kim and Mike, thank you so much for having us be a part of your stunning Mount Washington Hotel wedding! We had a blast capturing your day and we hope you love your images!!

A huge thank you to all the other amazing vendors who worked hard on Kim and Mike’s amazing mountain wedding! We absolutely loved working with everyone involved!!

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Toddler girl smiles during her portrait photography session at Carl Sandburg homepintopinterest

So as most of you know, we have lots of exciting things in the works right now!! Matt and I have been busy busy busy photographing amazing weddings and engagement sessions!! We’re currently booking weddings for 2015 (just a couple dates left!!) and 2016 both in New England and down in the Carolina’s where our new home will be as of this September!! Piper and I had the opportunity to fly to NC to visit family & friends and to continue laying the groundwork for our move south. While in North Carolina (and South Carolina) I was able to meet with some amazing, talented wedding vendors… I left very very confident that our move south means nothing but good things for our business in the coming years!!!

Piper was long over due for some portraits so I took her to the gorgeous Carl Sandburg home in Flat Rock, NC (10 minutes south of Hendersonville NC). If you haven’t been there it is an absolutely gorgeous estate located in the Blue Ridge mountains of Western NC. Not only is it a perfect spot for your engagement session or family portrait session, they also host weddings!!!

I foresee lots of time being spent at the Carl Sandburg home in the future for engagement sessions and lifestyle family portraiture, it’s super convenient to downtown Hendersonville as well!!

Adorable baby girl sit on gorgeous brick wall during her photography sessionpintopinterest This is one of my favorites from Piper’s portrait session!!! little blonde toddler sits on a park bench during her nc portrait sessionpintopinterest photograph of carl sandburg home goat barn during a family portrait sessionpintopinterest Carl Sandburg was a very famous American poet and writer whose home is now owned by the Nation Park Service and open to public at no charge. Children especially absolutely love the barn with the baby goats where Carl Sandburg’s wife used to raise her champion dairy goats. You can visit the herd which have access to the area in front of the barn as well as all the pasture land surround. little girl visits with a goat during her baby portrait session pintopinterest Those of you that know Piper know just how obsessed she is with animals! She was completely in love with the goats at Carl Sandburg home!! little girl waits for the goats to come visit during her portrait photography session pintopinterest little girl with a goat walking away from the camera during her portrait sessionpintopinterest Piper and the goat were walking up and down the fence line together, it was so stinkin cute!! little girl looks into a field during her portrait session at the Carl Sandburg homepintopinterest little girl stares down the camera during her baby portrait session pintopinterest black and white image of little girl smiling at the camera during her portrait session in blue ridge mountains pintopinterest little girl laughs at camera during her woodsy portrait session pintopinterest little blonde girl runs down wooded path pintopinterest picture of the gorgeous fields at the Carl Sandburg home which is a perfect spot for wedding or family portraitspintopinterest The grounds at the Carl Sandburg Home are absolutely gorgeous. There are walking and hiking trails throughout as well as a pond, the goat barn, orchards, farmland as well as the house and gardens that are all available to the public to enjoy!! Photography of the beautiful Carl Sandburg home which is a beautiful location for family portrait sessionpintopinterest

As mentioned above Matt and I are currently booking weddings, engagement and lifestyle family portrait sessions for the rest of 2015 and 2016. We’re currently offering some amazing promotions for wedding photography in North Carolina and South Carolina as a welcome to the area. Know anyone planning a wedding and think we might be a good fit, we’d love for you to pass our name along!! Are you currently planning an asheville wedding and looking for a photographer? We’d love to tell your story!!

Matt + Ariel

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Black and white image of a bride and groom standing under an umbrella in the rain on their wedding day at night in front of their venuepintopinterest
You Can’t Run

Now that I think about it an image of a couple running through the rain would be awesome! You should probably take off the high heels though.

The key to getting great wedding images is to be open to whatever may happen on that particular day. Rain, wind, snow, hot or not…just go with it!

It’s Not Just Lucky

That’s right…”They say it’s lucky”

I don’t know who they are, or if they actually said anything…but if it rains on your wedding day, I promise you will hear a lot of people repeat those words. Something else I know is that it tends not to rain without clouds, and us photographers love clouds.

If you have to deal with a little rain to get a few clouds on your wedding day I promise it will be worth it. When you see photographers working in studios they always have big light modifiers. Softboxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes…think of clouds as the biggest softbox on the planet. The most flattering light possible! Oh yeah!

These Asheville Wedding Photographers Won’t Melt

Short of a hurricane it’s pretty difficult to keep Ariel and me inside just because of a little rain. Our gear can take it and we bring extra anyway. Last time I checked neither one of us were fond of wearing a pointy black hat, so don’t worry about getting great images in the rain if you are working with us on your wedding day.

Regardless of who is photographing your Asheville wedding, if you see rain in the forecast leading up to your wedding day, get some rain props. Umbrellas are a must and they come in any color or style you can think of. Galoshes are adorable for the girls and I personally would love to see some groomsmen in those yellow overall rain pants this year.

Did it rain on your wedding day? Do you have some advice for rainy wedding days? Share in the comments below. Don’t be shy. Tell us what you think.

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Bride and Groom pose amongst the grape vines during their Sakonnet Vineyard weddingpintopinterest Bride and groom embrace in the shade on their sunny vineyard wedding daypintopinterest

Amanda and Jon had an absolutely gorgeous vineyard wedding at the wonderful, Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard!! It was our very first time photographing a wedding there and we had a blast with the variety of options there were for pictures on the grounds! As for Amanda and Jon, wow, they had some of the most gorgeous details of the season and they made almost everything themselves. From the invitations to the wine cork table numbers, everything was perfect!!

Have I ever told you how much I love our couples?! These two were no exception!!!

I’m so excited to share some of our favorite images from their day!!

beautiful DIY vineyard wedding details included the bride adorable blue shoes and hand designed wedding program pintopinterest Gorgeous sparkly Kate Spade Converses made the best wedding shoes everpintopinterest How gorgeous are her sparkly shoes.. the fanciest tennis shoes I’ve ever seen!!! The brides engagement ring and wedding band hang from grape vines pintopinterest Beautiful vineyard themed wedding invitations designed by the bride and groom themselvespintopinterest Beautiful bride gets into her dress before seeing her groom for the first time on their wedding day!pintopinterest Black and white photo of brides hands clasped behind the grooms neckpintopinterest I absolutely love this image Matt captured of Amanda’s hands behind Jon’s neck… so sweet! Bride and groom kiss in front of vintage firetruck pintopinterest Groom kisses his beautiful bride on her cheek during their vineyard weddingpintopinterest bride and groom kiss in the window of a vintage firetruckpintopinterest pretty bride and groom being goofy on their outdoor summer wedding day pintopinterest

These two were so fun and goofy together, it made for some great captures 🙂

beautiful couple kisses in the vineyard during their summer wedding pintopinterest bride and ladies pose with their sunglasses in their beautiful gray bridesmaid dressespintopinterest The bridal party walks across a field wearing matching sunglassespintopinterest Bride poses with her husband and father for a goofy image pintopinterest Brides gorgeous bouquet rests in the row of grapevines at the winerypintopinterest beautiful bride and her sister goofing off for a quick picture in the shade of some treespintopinterest most adorable flower girls sitting in the grass before the ceremonypintopinterest bride and her adorable flower girl helping to carry her dresspintopinterest bride steals a quick glance at her groom during their Ketubah signing pintopinterest adorable flower girls hold hands and prepare to walk down the aislepintopinterest

The two flower girls were the absolute cutest things ever… They did an awesome job of walking down the aisle, you never know how it’s going to go with little ones (so many kiddo’s freeze at the top of the aisle… it’s scary to have so many faces staring at you!!!) but these two absolutely rocked it!

Bride and her parents walking down the aisle to get marriedpintopinterest a gorgeous outdoor ceremony with vineyards and the ocean in the backgroundpintopinterest Bride and groom about to exchange their wedding vows during their summer vineyard wedding pintopinterest Bride and groom stand together during their final blessingpintopinterest bride and groom share their first kiss during their beautiful outdoor wedding ceremonypintopinterest Bride and groom hold hands and walk towards the gorgeous grape vinespintopinterest Sakonnet vineyard is an absolutely gorgeous seaside vineyard pintopinterest

As I mentioned above, Amanda and Jon worked so hard on all of their vineyard styled wedding day details! Their hard work paid off, the reception tent looked amazing and I had so much fun photographing all the gorgeousness… Don’t get me started on the cupcake and candy barn table… it was drool worthy!!

gorgeous details abound this DIY tented vineyard wedding pintopinterest amazing cupcake and candy table at this vineyard wedding pintopinterest gorgeous colorful centerpeices adorned the tables of this tented vineyard wedding pintopinterest stunning colorful flowers decorated the tables of this tented vineyard wedding pintopinterest Bride and groom share their first dance at their summer wedding pintopinterest Grooms father enjoys being lifted in a chair during the always fun Horapintopinterest Bride mom gives a heartfelt speechpintopinterest guests at the wedding enjoy the speeches pintopinterest young guests dances during dinner at a tented wedding reception pintopinterest Guests tears up the dance floor pintopinterest Flower girl dances during the reception pintopinterest the cutest flower girl poses for a quick picture while dancing up a storm pintopinterest Guest at summer tented wedding dances pintopinterest groomsmen give a speech to the newlywedspintopinterest Bride and groom look at each other in the middle of the winery pintopinterest bride and groom shows off their new wedding bandspintopinterest bride and groom kiss in front of the grapevines during their vineyard wedding reception pintopinterest bride and groom look at the camera for this modern portrait pintopinterest bride and groom look at each other during couples portraits at sunset pintopinterest bride and groom cut the cake during their fun summer wedding pintopinterest bride dances with guests during their fun wedding reception at Sakonnet Vineyard pintopinterest grapevines silhouette in the sky just after sunset with the gorgeous tent in the backgroundpintopinterestbeautiful christmas lights illuminate the Huppah at the wedding reception later in the night pintopinterest Silhouette of bride and groom standing on stonewall at sunset pintopinterest

Amanda and Jon, thank you so much for having us be a part of your fabulous and gorgeous vineyard wedding! We had a blast capturing your day and we hope you love your images!!

A huge thank you to all the other amazing vendors who worked hard on Amanda and Jon’s amazing wedding! We absolutely loved working with everyone involved!!

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  • Goldie and Jerry Medowar

    Dear Amanda and Jon, What a beautiful couple and what a wonderful wedding. Everything worked out: the weather; the flowers; the music;the toasts and congratulatory speeches; the food (especially the wonderful apple pies. It was really a love-in! Everyone was happy to be there and be part of the celebration. We wish you all the joy and happiness for now and forever. Love, Aunt Goldie and Uncle Jerry.ReplyCancel

  • iris

    I certainly enjoyed seeing my granddaughter marrying such a wonderful, talented young, handsome man. ENJOY LIFE,ALWAYS LAUGH. Love you both. GRANDMA IRISReplyCancel