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Samantha and Chris’s wedding at the Essex Room in gorgeous Ipswich, MA

These two are perfect for each other and we had a blast capturing their day! A huge thank you two Samantha and Chris for choosing AMW Studios to document their day!

Here are some of our favorite images from their wedding day!!

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I’m so very excited to share Laura and Ryan’s gorgeous spring wedding at Searles Castle in Windham, New Hampshire. It was Matt and my first time photographing a wedding at this gorgeous venue and we hope to be back there in the future!

These two are perfect for each other and we had a blast capturing their day! A huge thank you two Laura and Ryan for choosing AMW Studios to document their day!

Here are some of our favorite images from their wedding day!!

Ariel + Matt

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While I was doing a quick look through wedding blogs this morning I came across a gorgeous wedding at Claxton Farm.

Claxton Farm is located in Weaverville, NC. It is about 15 minutes north of Asheville and worth every second. As a working farm it offers unique opportunities for photographs that are hard to come by otherwise. For our couples…cows have always been a welcome backdrop to a portrait session. Combine that with the landscape that Steven McBride captured above and you can’t go wrong.

Claxton Farm is just one of the many reasons that Ariel and I are looking forward to calling North Carolina home in the near future!!

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These two were married in the early spring at the gorgeous Barn At Gibbet Hill in Groton, MA!

A huge, huge thanks is owed to the awesome Nicole Chan of Nicole Chan Photography many of the awesome images below were taken by her! When Matt and I are hired to photograph a wedding one of the main points we go over in our contract is what happens if either one or both of us is not able to photograph the wedding. Up until this wedding it had never been an issue, every wedding in the last 5 years of business we had photographed together as a team even if one of us was sick, we just toughed it out, that’s the way it goes! Last July we found out that we were going to have a baby and of course the due date was March 17th, just 12 days before Caroline and Tom’s wedding! I was still convinced that maybe, if our little one made an appearance early, maybe just maybe I would be able to photograph their wedding! Of course Matt thought I was crazy, he was right, (Caroline and Tom’s wedding day rolled around and I was so thankful that we had brought someone on to shoot with Matt)! So we had to find an awesome replacement whose style we felt would blend seamlessly with ours. From the first conversation with Nicole, I knew she would be the perfect fit, not just because of her amazing work but also her personality. It’s so important to us that we not just take beautiful images but that are couples really enjoy their experience working with us, we try to make it as fun as possible!

It’s definitely something to talk with your wedding photographer about, see what their policy is, in the event that they are not able to photograph your wedding for any unforeseeable reason. Do they find a replacement without giving you a say? Do they find a few options for a replacement and present them to you (in our situation this is what we did, since there was plenty of time to find the right photographer)? or do they refund your deposit and leave you to find a new photographer?
There are many different ways to go about it and while I don’t think one way is wrong and the other is right, I do think knowing how your photographer would handle this situation is of utmost importance!

So a huge thanks to Nicole for stepping up and shooting alongside Matt. Also, a huge thanks to our couple who trusted us to find an awesome second photographer! Enough said, here are some favorites from the day!

Ariel + Matt

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“During the Second World War, Mr. White felt it was his patriotic duty to entertain servicemen with extremely lavish parties on his estate. Debutantes were invited to these well-chaperoned events to engage in tennis, dancing, singing and even roller skating through the halls and rooms of the mansion.” ~ Taken from

First I saw the image. Then I read the quote above on Woodlands about page. I love this place!

Ariel and I are less than a year from living in North Carolina and we can’t wait to start interacting with venues like the Woodlands Mansion. Few places in America can claim heritage like that.

I presume that the roller skating is no longer permitted…but the venue is still a place that Ariel and I hope to photograph in the near future.

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