Asheville Wedding Adventure Session | Max Patch | Megan + Will

max patch wedding photo adventure session

Our first season as Asheville wedding photographers is drawing to a close and weddings (+ fun adventure day after sessions) like Megan and Will’s make me so happy about our decision to move south!! Soon I will be sharing their gorgeous wedding at Asheville’s, Crest Center & Pavillion but today I am excited to share this gorgeous adventure session that we went on, the day after their wedding. I met up with them on a gorgeous fall afternoon at Wicked Weed’s Funkatorium where they were celebrating with some friends. We took a couple photos inside the Funkatorium, despite being very busy there were a few nooks a crannies we found to take photos in!

asheville engagement photos at wicked weed funkatorium

asheville engagement photographer wicked weed brewery

asheville wedding photos at wicked weed funkatorium

After our time in Asheville at the Funkatorium we jumped in cars and headed up to Max Patch located in the mountains near Hot Springs NC. In all my years living in Asheville and the countless number of hours I spent adventuring in the surrounding mountains… I cannot believe that I never found my way to Max Patch.

Max Patch at sunset

Max Patch is a gorgeous 4600′ bald mountain with 360 degree views that include The Great Smokies, the flatlands of neighboring state TN and the gorgeous Black Mountains located east of Asheville.

asheville wedding photographer adventure

max patch wedding photo

asheville wedding photographer

The clouds were big and puffy, it made for a beautiful backdrop!! It also meant that light was fading evening faster as the sun set. I think we ended up shooting for about 45 minutes before it was to dark to continue.. Probably a good thing since everyone was getting hungry!

Max Patch sunset wedding photos

Asheville adventure photo at Max Patch

Max Patch adventure wedding photography

This is one of my favorites of the night… Megan and Will together just enjoying the stunning view Max Patch has to offer!

gorgeous asheville adventure wedding photographer

gorgeous asheville adventure wedding photographer

Max patch adventure wedding

Megan and Will, I had such fun working with you both!! Thank you so much for adventuring out of Asheville and up into the mountains, I think the 10+ miles of dirt road was worth it…

I can’t wait to share more images with you!


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