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Hello all!!! I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Melissa, head designer and owner at Flora, an amazing florist located in the artsy West Asheville district! Today I am so very excited to share with you some images that I took of her gorgeous floral studio, I’ve also included a little more about her wonderful business so that you can get to know her a bit as well!! !!! As mentioned in our last featured vendor post, Matt and I constantly have brides coming to us looking for recommendations on florists, videographers, day of coordinators. Our hope is that these spotlight vendor posts will serve as a resource for brides planning their weddings in the areas of Asheville (all of WNC for that matter) or Greenville SC!

I just have to say… Flora’s studio/storefront is absolutely stunning. The space Melissa has created in so inviting and fun to walk into! Just a note… the store is available to foot traffic as well and operates under normal business hours so if you’re looking for an awesome bouquet or simply anything flower related, stop by Flora… you won’t be disappointed!

Very creative business tags for Flora an asheville wedding floristpintopinterest

gorgeous flowers in the garden outside Floras studiopintopinterest

While I checked (and photographed) out their amazing space, which includes a gorgeous little bridal lounge for meetings with their brides, Melissa began working on creating an amazing arrangement for me to photograph!!!

Floras storefront with gorgeous flowers adorning the spacepintopinterest

floras gorgeous vases are filled with gorgeous wedding florals in asheville pintopinterest

black and white image of asheville wedding florists studio spacepintopinterest

3 images of floras gorgeous storefront where plants and flowers are everywhere pintopinterest

Flora – Asheville Wedding Florals and Design . They have a seriously gorgeous website and blog…Go check it out!!!

How Many Years in Business

3 years ago Melissa opened her floral studio in West Asheville. She’s been working in the floral industry since before she can remember…One of her very first jobs in high school was with a florist and she fell in love with the job ever since!!! Melissa works with Tyler and Jess, two other amazing floral designers at Flora. Together they not only offer spectacular wedding floral design, they also have a love for terrariums and can be commissioned to create in home designs.

What do you love most about weddings
Making one of the most important days of someones life beautiful.

Tell us about your ideal client
Cares about the details, is open to us using our expertise to create something custom. Remembering what this is all really about.

If you could offer one piece of advice to couples planning their wedding what would it be
Revel in the moments, this is such a sweet time

Dream Travel Destination

gorgeous flowers adorn Floras studio in west ashevillepintopinterest

Once the floral arrangement that Melissa created was photo ready, we staged it on a beautiful wooden table and I got to photograph it! The flowers used in the arranged came out of Flora’s very own garden and it was simply stunning. Once we’re officially located in Asheville (only three weeks till we’re asheville wedding photographers!!!) we will definitely be going to them whenever we need flowers for our home :)! Below of the images of a sample wedding floral arrangement that Melissa created, how gorgeous is it?!!

close up images of a gorgeous wedding floral arrangement in asheville ncpintopinterest

details of a gorgeous floral arrangement with pink and green and red flowers pintopinterest

gorgeous wedding floral arrangement created by Flora  an asheville wedding plannerpintopinterest

For all you brides looking for an awesome florist for your Asheville wedding… I highly recommend reaching out to Melissa and the ladies at Flora, you won’t regret it!!!

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Cute 1 year old girl trying to pull her crown off her headpintopinterestadorable baby poses in crib during her 1st year portraitspintopinterest

Now, I love weddings don’t get me wrong… But…I’ve gotta say, lately I’ve really been loving all these baby/family portrait sessions that Matt and I have been doing!! Not only is it a huge privilege to be asked to document the next adventure in our couples lives (right now 100% of our portrait clients are past wedding clients), it’s also just a lot of fun!!! Our portrait sessions usually last 90 minutes and can take place at your home, at a local park, orchard or a nearby lake (the list goes on, we encourage families of older children to pick an activity that everyone enjoys and we’ll come along to document that!!).
We’re currently booking fall portrait sessions in Western North Carolina so if you’re looking for an asheville portrait photographer we’d love to hear from you!!!!

This particular post is featuring the adorable Miss Brielle who tuned 1 year old on the day of her session. Matt and I were lucky enough to photograph Emma and Greg’s wedding in 2012 at the gorgeous Ocean Edge Resort. We were so, so excited to get to photograph their adorable daughter and her celebratory 1 birthday cake smash!!

Adorable baby girl pulls her 1st year crown off her head during her 1st year birthday portrait sessionpintopinterest

a 1st year crown was a very cute accessory for this birthday photo sessionpintopinterest

little girl is all smiles during her 1st year portraitspintopinterest

Love that adorable face… She looks quite devilish right here, she might be plotting to take over the world!

very cute 1 year old girl poses for a few birthday portraitspintopinterest

cute baby poses next to a stool with her name on itpintopinterest

Once we had taken a few portraits at their beautiful home we headed outside for some family portraits and the cake smash!

adorable 1 year old poses in her tutu during her birthday portraitspintopinterest

This may very well be my favorite from the shoot… Oh the attitude!

mom and dad pose with their adorable one year old daughter underneath shady treespintopinterest

mom and dad kiss their adorable daughter on her birthday pintopinterest

adorable 1 year old sits in between her mom and dad during her birthday portrait sessionpintopinterest

very cute family posing for a portraitpintopinterest

little girl dressed in a cute frilly tutu for her outdoor first year portraits pintopinterest

adorable baby girl sitting in the grass during her outdoor birthday portraitspintopinterest

Pretty Brielle!!

cute baby practices standing during her 1st year portrait sessionpintopinterest

mom and her baby girl hugging for a photo during a lifestyle portrait sessionpintopinterest

I absolutely love these portraits of Brielle with each of her parents, so fun and such important pictures to get!!!

father and his daughter pose for a couple pictures on her 1st birthday pintopinterest

baby smashes her first birthday cake in a park pintopinterest

Brielle didn’t hesitate for even a second before sticking her hand into her beautiful cake that Emma had made!!

baby during her 1st year cake smash looks at her cake pintopinterest

a bow on the head  was a perfect accessory during this little girls first year cake smash pintopinterest

baby girl practices standing during her first year portraits pintopinterest

All cleaned up and very happy about that cake she got to eat!

Emma + Greg + Brielle…Thank you so much for having us document this next adventure in your families lives!!! We hope to see you soon 🙂

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Hello all!!! Matt and I are so very excited for todays post! We’ve decided to try something new (new is good right?!), called featured vendor posts or vendor of the month posts. We will be featuring wedding planners, venues, videographers, bands, florists, cake bakers, makeup artists… You name it… All fabulously talented people in the wedding industry who we have either worked with, love and think would make a fabulous addition to anyone’s wedding day… OR… Vendors in the WNC or Upstate SC area who we have met with, think are downright awesome, can’t wait to work with and think would make a fabulous addition to anyones wedding day. Don’t mind my run on sentences… I’m the queen of those… Matt and I constantly have brides coming to us looking for recommendations on florists, videographers, day of coordinators. We’ve always given out a list of names, which has worked well in the past but we’re hoping to make these feature posts just a little more personal and fun!! Enough about us…let’s move on to the real reason for this post!

Today I am so, so excited to be blogging about a Greenville SC wedding planner (or should I say fabulous team of wedding planners) who I met with on my recent trip south; I Do. These ladies, led by Allie, make up a team of incredibly talented, detail oriented, fun coordinators based in Upstate SC. So without further ado meeting the gorgeous ladies at I Do.

photo of best greenville wedding plannerspintopinterest
I was lucky enough to meet Allie, Courtney, Christina and Lindsay for coffee in Greenville’s gorgeous downtown. Our conversation ranged from best places to swim (on those blazing hot South Carolina day’s) to snowboarding at Wolf Laurel Resort to parenting (Allie has two adorable kiddos) to of course all things weddings!! These ladies were simply the nicest, fun people to talk to. I can only imagine how fun working with them at a wedding will be!!

I Do – Greenville’s Best Wedding Planners . Can I just say how much I love their website. It’s beautiful designed, you get such a good sense of personalities and how fun these ladies would be to work with!!

How Many Years in Business

Allie started I Do 6 years ago and it’s grown quickly to a wonderful team of detail oriented ladies who are passionate about both the planning and design aspects of weddings! I Do offers everything from full service wedding planning to day of coordination.


What do you love most about weddings
We really love being able to be a part of weddings and get to see brides and their family be able to relax and just enjoy the day, trusting in our ability to handle all of the details of their day.

Tell us about your ideal client
We have a wide range and variety of clients and love having the opportunity to work with all types of clients. But, if we had to choose, our ideal client would have a budget that allows for many fun details and the also the funds to ensure it all comes together nicely, and a client who also trusts us to give suggestions for various elements of their day.

four ladies who are part of I Do wedding planning pose for a picturepintopinterest

If you could offer one piece of advice to couples planning their wedding what would it be
One word of advice that we would give to couples who are preparing for marriage would be that even though your wedding day is a very important and special event, it is important to remember that the wedding is just one day out of the rest of your lives together—its not worth going into debt over! Keeping this in mind helps to keep everything else in perspective.

Dream Travel Destination
It’s so hard to narrow down all of the options and pick just one destination. However, if we have to choose, we feel that it would be absolutely amazing to do a wedding in Greece. With such a unique and strong sense of culture and having a beautiful coastal backdrop; it’s pretty hard to beat…. and that’s not even mentioning the food. Can you imagine the spread at the wedding celebration?

Black and white photo of Greenville wedding planners I Do pintopinterest

If you’re looking for a planner for your Greenville wedding, definitely reach out to them, you won’t regret it!!

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  • Christopher

    Wonderful feauture, and I love the way you’ve set it up.ReplyCancel

Black and white image of adorable couple standing in treelined streetpintopinterest

adorable puppy sits in between his owners during their outdoor engagement sessionpintopinterest

Matt and I met up with Ellen, Kevin and their adorable pup Odie for their Boston Harbor engagement session… What fun we had! We started their session in front of the gorgeous Moakley Courthouse which is right on the water and has a gorgeous view of the Boston city skyline! Following the courthouse we headed over the ICA which is one of my favorite buildings, not only is it right on the water but it has these gorgeous big wooden steps that are perfect for climbing, sitting, standing 🙂 Now, we knew from our first meeting that these two were going to be fun to work with… Ellen found us through one of our past brides as well as a friend of hers whose seen using action at 3 different weddings… It was meant to be!

These two are getting married this fall at the gorgeous Pocasset Golf Club… We are so very excited to be documenting their wedding day!!

shadow of couple on a brick wall during their  sunset engagement sessionpintopinterest

beautiful couple holds hands in front of boston skyline during their city engagement sessionpintopinterest

cute puppy is the center of attention with engaged couple kissing in the backgroundpintopinterest

Is Odie not the cutest doggie subject ever?! We thought so!! I mean really!!!

adorable engaged couple sits with their puppy on wooden stairs pintopinterest

engaged  couples walks by the boston harbor waterfront during their sunset engagement sessionpintopinterest

beautiful engagement ring is highlighted against perfectly styled engagement outfitspintopinterest

These two chose the perfect outfits for their engagement session… The greens and blues were very complimentary without being to matchy matchy!

adorable couple steals a glance at one another during their engagement session pintopinterest

handsome soon to be groom gives his finance a kiss on the cheek pintopinterest

recently engaged couple poses facing each other with the boston city skyline behind pintopinterest

Silhouette of engaged couple under treespintopinterest

engaged couple embraces by the waterfront with a harbor full of boats behind them pintopinterest

silhouette of couple against the blue sky and backlit buildings during their engagement session pintopinterest

Couple talks to each other under gorgeous shady trees pintopinterest

recently engaged couple holds hands and walks down the yellow line of a side street pintopinterest

Couple embraces in front of gorgeous glass front building during their sunset engagement sessionpintopinterest

A huge congratulations to Ellen and Kevin, we hope you love these photos! We can not wait for your wedding this fall… it’s going to be awesome!!!

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Gorgeous bride and groom pose on old wooden bridge during their wedding party outside Asheville NCpintopinterest

gorgeous young couple steal a glance at each other during their wedding portraitspintopinterest

Oh how special this wedding celebration was to me!! At the beginning of July Piper and I traveled to NC to begin preparing for our move south!! We accomplished a ton of things during our week long including meeting with some pretty phenomenal wedding vendors at the top of the wedding industry both in Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC… Stay tuned over the next few weeks, we’re going to feature some of those awesome wedding vendors here on our blog!! While in the Carolina’s some very good friends of mine had their backyard wedding celebration at their families home, a home that I practically grew up in (Quite literally… It’s debatable whether I spent more of my teenage years at my own home or camping out on the floor of my very best friends room). Since I couldn’t bear to attend a wedding without actually taking some photo’s and since Josh and Alivia were keeping it low key had no photographer I couldn’t help but offer to capture a few images of their event!

Backyard weddings have always been my favorite… My top reasons why:

    1. It’s always a labor of love; close friends and family gather together to help make this a special day for the bride and groom. Everyone is there laughing (sometimes crying and sweating are involved too) together as the setup takes place, yes it’s a lot of work but it truly is amazing to see the amount of love and support that surrounds the union of two people!

    2. It’s always about the couple; I know.. that sounds bad but I actually mean it in the best of ways. Weddings should be all about the couple and the marriage… It shouldn’t be about a fancy venue, the food or the decorations (don’t get me wrong I love photographing beautiful details!!!). Now this is not to say that backyard weddings don’t have details, in fact some of my favorite details come from backyard weddings… Generally the details that are present have been created by the couple and say a lot about who they are!!

    3. The food; We have had some of the absolute best food at backyard weddings. From non-traditional caterers like food trucks (if you’re looking for an awesome non tradition asheville wedding caterer, check out Farm to Fender) to going potluck style, we’ve seen it all and it’s been amazing!! One of our couples even chose to have a pigroast at their family campground wedding!

    4. It’s all about having fun; I haven’t been to a backyard wedding yet where the couple didn’t make it a priority to enjoy their wedding day!!

Josh and Alivia’s North Carolina wedding celebration was no exception… A huge congratulations to these two!! Thanks so much for letting me pick up a camera and capture some images of you guys!!

handpicked wildflowers adorned the tables of this beautiful backyard weddingpintopinterest

The flowers were truly a team effort. Mattie and I purchased the flowers just a few hours before the party. Jeralyn, Alivia’s good friend played the rockstar florist and organized all the flowers into the beautiful arrangements you see! I think they turned out gorgeous! What do you think?

picnic tables with blue table clothes and handpicked flowers were the feature of this DIY backyard wedding pintopinterest

beautiful blue and orange flowers adorned the tables of this backyard weddingpintopinterest

gorgeous lanterns hung from magnolia trees during this backyard asheville weddingpintopinterest

I can honestly say I’ve never seen a green tarp at a wedding… Mike and Josh worked hard to string the tarp up between the barn and a very large gorgeous magnolia tree. They decorated the shelter with beautiful lights. I gotta say, I love it!!

handpicked wildflowers with candles and books decorated the picnic tables during this crafty diy backyard asheville weddingpintopinterest

blue and white flowers adorned the tables underneath a green tarp with lights was the setting for this backyard asheville wedding pintopinterest

beautiful flowers adorned the bright blue table clothes which sat underneath hand strewn lanterns pintopinterest

wedding guests pose for a quick portrait during backyard wedding celebration pintopinterest

Two of my absolute favorite people on earth…

recently engaged couple smiles at the camera for quick photopintopinterest

These two just got engaged. I’m so very happy for them and can’t wait to be Mattie’s Maid of Honor at their wedding next year!! I think I’ll leave the camera behind 🙂

adorable bride and groom hold hands and steal glances at each other during their wedding portraitspintopinterest

young bride and groom smiling at the camera in front of greenerypintopinterest

bride looks up at her groom as they pose along a wooded gravel driveway pintopinterest

bride and groom hold hands and walk along a beautiful green driveway pintopinterest

black and white image of bride and groom holding handspintopinterest

beautiful bride embraces her husband during backyard wedding portraitspintopinterest

bride and groom pose for a picture on gorgeous wooden bridge in the forest during their backyard wedding pintopinterest

bride and groom looking at the camera for this wedding day couples portrait pintopinterest

bride and groom embrace in the middle of old wooden forest bridge pintopinterest

bride rests her head on grooms shoulder during the forest wedding portraitspintopinterest

bride and her sister pose for a quick sibling portraitpintopinterest

bride and her two siblings smile for a quick family picturepintopinterest

wedding guests smile at camera for a quick portrait pintopinterest

I love this picture above of these two very special people who just celebrated their anniversary!!

Needless to say my trip south was amazing and I cannot wait to officially be NC residents and Asheville wedding photographers as of this September!!

On that note…. Matt and I are currently offering some amazing promotions for 2015/2016 wedding dates as welcome to the area!! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Asheville or anywhere through WNC and the SC Upstate.. Or if you know of anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer we’d love to hear from you!!

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  • Christopher Mandeville

    Some truly WONDERFUL photographs of some truly WONDERFUL PEOPLE – a very special family who have touched my life deeply. So good to see the joy and love so vibrantly expressed. Great job, Ariel! Great love, Carruths! Congratulations, Josh and Alivia!!!ReplyCancel