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Bride and Groom pose in front of red barn during their rustic wedding at Bishop Farm pintopinterest

Black and white of Bride and groom kissing at their barn wedding reception pintopinterest

Jess and Paul got married in May at the always stunning Bishop farm B&B in the White Mountains of New Hampshire … This venue is a quintessential farm venue with a definite wow factor!! With cabins onsite along with a gorgeous farmhouse, Bishop Farm makes a perfect destination wedding location where your closest friends and family celebrate with you all week!! On the wedding day itself the ladies at Bishop farm keep things running smoothly and ensure that the details are exactly as you want them. The reception barn is simply stunning… Let me tell you… everything about the property screams outdoorsy, rustic farm wedding but once those barn doors open and your guests wander into the reception barn to be seated for dinner… you feel like you’re at the fanciest, most elegant barn wedding you’ve ever been too!

I’m so excited to share some of our favorite images from their day!!

Brides gorgeous wedding details included gorgeous white wedges, elegant pearl jewelry and a lace wedding gownpintopinterest

The brides lace wedding gown hangs in a barn for a pre-dressing image pintopinterest

The bride poses with her gorgeous bouquet and shows off her stunning hairpiece pintopinterest

Stunningly beautiful bride with blue eyes and classic pearl jewelry poses for a quick bridal portraitpintopinterest

Doesn’t Jess look absolutely stunning?! I mean seriously…

Brides sister helps to put the beautiful brides necklace on her before the ceremony pintopinterest

adorable flower girl with handmade flower girls dress smiles for a picturespintopinterest

elegant bride smiles over her shoulder before her ceremony at Bishop Farm pintopinterest

Wedding rings rest on beautiful barn wood and delicate purple and green boutonnière about to be put on groompintopinterest

handsome groom buttons collar in the mirror before his rustic barn wedding pintopinterest

The groom and his groomsmen play some foosball before he gets married pintopinterest

handsome groom gets ready in an old farmhouse before he gets marriedpintopinterest

Beautiful handmade birch tree arbor adorns the ceremony location pintopinterest

wedding pup poses in her white doggie tutu before the ceremony pintopinterest

Lulu was not such a big fan of her doggie tutu!

Handmade wooden ceremony sign directs guests where to go pintopinterest

beautiful white flowers in mason jars line the aisle of this elegant outdoor ceremony pintopinterest

bride and her parents smile at guests while they walk down the aisle of an outdoor ceremonypintopinterest

black and white image of a rustic outdoor ceremony pintopinterest

Bride and groom hold hands in from of birch arbor during their barn wedding ceremonypintopinterest

old wagon wheel by the ceremony  was a perfect focus point pintopinterest

bride and groom change their first kiss as husband and wife after their outdoor ceremony pintopinterest

Bride and groom walk down the aisle after their barn wedding ceremony pintopinterest

Bride gives her dad a quick kiss on the cheek during pictures at her farm wedding pintopinterest

Now, I’m not one to usually post to many formals but I absolutely love what Matt did with the wedding party while I photographed all the amazing details in the barn!!

beautiful wedding party poses in front of a red barn for a quick group photo pintopinterest

bride and her beautiful bridesmaids pose in front of big red barnpintopinterest

bride smiles at the camera while her bridesmaids show off their beautiful bouquets pintopinterest

The handsome groom and his groomsmen goof off for a picture at their barn wedding pintopinterest

We had a few minutes with Jess and Paul before they headed into the barn for their first dance… I think we made good use of what little time we had, what do you think?!!

Bride and groom pose smiling at the camera during their barn wedding receptionpintopinterest

bride and groom hold hands and look at each other in front of red barn pintopinterest

bride and groom embrace in front of beautiful red barn during their farm weddingpintopinterest

Beautiful bride looks back over her shoulder during a couples portrait pintopinterest

bride and groom hold hands in front of gorgeous old farmhouse pintopinterest

As you’ll see below, all of Jess and Paul’s wedding details were simply gorgeous! The purple, green and white flowers chose for the centerpieces really complimented the gorgeous dark wood interior of the barn.

Beautiful purple and green flower centerpieces complimented the rustic wood interior of this barn wedding  pintopinterest

All the pretty details during a rustic barn wedding pintopinterest

Custom glasses were placed on each table for the guests to take homepintopinterest

Gorgeous purple and blue flowers decorate the rustic barn reception at Bishop Farm pintopinterest

Jess and Paul happily enter the reception for their first dance pintopinterest

bride smiles during first dance during her beautiful  barn wedding pintopinterest

beautiful bride and groom enjoy their first dance in an elegant barn pintopinterest

Bride and groom smile at each other during their first dance pintopinterest

bride and groom kiss after their first dance pintopinterest

Maid of honor gives funny speech during a barn wedding reception pintopinterest

Bride and groom enjoy the toasts during their barn wedding reception pintopinterest

groom gives bride a sweet smile during a toast pintopinterest

bride and groom cheers after the toasts are complete  during their wedding reception pintopinterest

After the toasts we had a few minutes to sneak Jess and Paul out for some more couples portraits! We took them up to the meadow above the barn and even got to have a little fun with some christmas lights and a wooded path…

Bride and groom pose in front of old cattle barn during their rustic wedding reception pintopinterest

bride walks in front of groom during a quick couples portrait pintopinterest

bride and groom stand a meadow for a portrait pintopinterest

Silhouette of bride and groom with the moon behind them at dusk pintopinterest

lights and a birch arbor surround the bride and groom pintopinterest

groom leads his beautiful bride down a christmas tree light wooded path pintopinterest

bride and groom kiss with the farm behind them pintopinterest

bride and groom hold hands and walk back to reception barn pintopinterest

guitarist during the wedding reception pintopinterest

two girls pose for a picture during a barn wedding reception pintopinterest

guests taking pictures of people dancing during the wedding pintopinterest

grooms dad being goofy during the wedding reception pintopinterest

guests dancing during a wedding reception in the barn pintopinterest

groom and his guys give each other low fivespintopinterest

bride dances during her barn wedding receptionpintopinterest

guests having fun on the barn dance floorpintopinterest

bride and groom dancing with a heart behind them during their barn wedding receptionpintopinterest

rain coats the windows of the barn during a wedding receptionpintopinterest

bride and groom made custom signs out of bottle caps with their initials  pintopinterest

lightning lights up the sky behind the barn during bride and grooms wedding receptionpintopinterest

I just want to point out that the sky was actually pitch black at this point… this image was taken at about 10pm… Thanks to a major storm that rolled in, the lighting was lighting up the whole sky behind the barn… it was gorgeous. I of course decided to brave the weather and run outside for a quick picture.

Bride and groom run out of the barn for their sparkler exit at the end of their wedding receptionpintopinterest

bride and groom kiss with sparklers in the background during their barn wedding reception sparkler exit pintopinterest

Just as quickly as the storm came, it left and we were able to light sparklers up for the couples exit at the end of the night!

Jess and Paul, thank you so much for having us be a part of your fabulous and gorgeous barn wedding! We had a blast capturing your day and we hope you love your images!!

A huge thank you to all the other amazing vendors who worked hard on Jess and Paul’s amazing wedding! We absolutely loved working with everyone involved!!

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Bride and Groom holding hands in a large green fieldpintopinterest

Katy and Jon got married at the end of May at one of our very favorite New England venues, The Barn at Gibbet Hill… I can’t think of a venue that more perfectly fits the rustic, elegant look that so many couples want!! When we met up with these two at the gorgeous Arnold Arboretum last fall for their engagement session we knew right away that their wedding would be an absolute blast!! Their gorgeous, fun, barn wedding did not disappoint and I’m so excited to share some of our favorite images from their day!!

Groom kisses his smiling bride on the cheek after there wedding ceremonypintopinterest

The Barn at Gibbet Hill wedding sign pintopinterest

Beautiful birch arbor for a barn wedding ceremony pintopinterest

The brides pink shoes against a wooden chest pintopinterest

Brides lace wedding dress hanging in a barn windowpintopinterest

Black and white image of wedding rings on a wooden postpintopinterest

Bride and Groom pose for a quick no look first lookpintopinterest

Even though these two didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, Katy and Jon wanted to have a couple moments to exchange a few words and pose for a picture together…We’ve done a couple no peek first looks around doors or corners but in this case we had fun putting Jon up in the balcony and Katy got to stand down below and they chatted for a few minutes before they got married! If you want your groom to see you for the first time when you walk down the aisle these no look first looks can be such a fun way to exchange cards, hold hands, or simply say a quick hello before you get married!

Gorgeous pink and white bridal bouquet for a rustic barn weddingpintopinterest

Bride poses for a quick bridal portrait in front of a barn and silopintopinterest

Katie made an absolutely stunning bride!!

Beautiful pink and green flowers adorn the white ceremony chairs during this beautiful barn weddingpintopinterest

The handsome groom and his groomsmen pose against a barn before his wedding ceremonypintopinterest

Bride and her mom walk to the start of the ceremonypintopinterest

Bride and her mom walk down the aisle of her rustic farm wedding ceremony pintopinterest

Bride and her mom embrace before mom gives her daughter away to groom before the couple gets marriedpintopinterest

Bride laughs during her intimate and fun wedding ceremony pintopinterest

The bride and groom exchange wedding rings during their elegant wedding ceremony in a field pintopinterest

a gorgeous bride and groom kiss after their farm wedding ceremony pintopinterest

Gorgeous bride and her bridesmaids show of their gorgeous bouquets pintopinterest

The groom and his best man goof off for a portrait in front of the Barn at Gibbet Hill pintopinterest

adorable bride and groom sit together in rustic adirondack chairs during their barn wedding pintopinterest

The adorable bride and groom goof off for a picture after their wedding ceremony at the Barn at Gibbet Hill pintopinterest

Bride and groom pose for a quick portrait together in a field after their wedding at the Barn at Gibbet Hill pintopinterest

Bride and groom hold hands and walk across a field pintopinterest

Adorable bride and groom pose for a picture at the Barn at Gibbet Hill pintopinterest

The groom and his groomsmen  pose for a quick portrait before the ceremony pintopinterest

Gorgeous rustic barn wedding details with purple flowerspintopinterest

The Barn at Gibbet Hill looked gorgeous with all of Katy and Jon’s details!

Adorable couple enjoys their first dance during their wedding at the Barn at Gibbet Hill pintopinterest

Black and white photo of bride and grooms first dance as husband and wife pintopinterest

Groom and his mom dance during his barn weddingpintopinterest

Bride and mom dance together during her barn wedding reception pintopinterest

Apple cider donuts are the perfect guest treat during a barn reception pintopinterest

A cinnamon and sugar donut station was a much appreciated treat for the guests midway through the dance party!

A cute couple dances during fun barn wedding pintopinterest

Wedding guests dancing during a fun barn wedding pintopinterest

grooms dad dancing during his sons wedding at The Barn at Gibbet Hill pintopinterest

Wedding guest dances during a fabulous barn wedding pintopinterest

bride and groom dancing up a storm during the barn wedding receptionpintopinterest

Silhouette of bride and groom at sunset with the barn at gibbet hill in the backgroundpintopinterest

Katy and Jon, thank you so much for having us be a part of your fabulous wedding! We had a blast capturing your day and we hope you love your images!!

A huge thank you to all the other amazing vendors who worked hard on Katy and Jon’s wedding! We absolutely loved working with everyone involved!!

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An amazing golden sunset over a marsh behind a couple during there wedding day couples portraitspintopinterest

I am assuming you found your way here because you are planing a wedding in the Asheville area and that’s awesome! Congratulations!

Next I am going to assume that you and your fiancé have already discussed what you want your wedding day to be. How you want it to feel. If you would like a rustic look or something more traditional. Do you love all those new bohémien weddings or would you prefer to keep it simple?

If the above is true and you have an idea of your guest count…your ready for our list of important considerations when choosing your Asheville wedding venue. Here we go, every venue you visit, try asking yourself these questions…

Wedding day couples portrait with Mount Monadnock in the backgroundpintopinterest

  1. Does this venue have more room than we need?

    You read that correctly. I said more room than we need. There’s a lot going on during your wedding.

    Food needs to be served. Wine glasses need to be kept full. You two need to walk around and say hello to everyone. People need to be able to pass by one another between tables.

    It’s simple…you need extra space. Try to stay about 10% under the max for your venue and you won’t regret it. If you are planning to have a band think about staying 15% under. Bands are amazing…but they take up a lot more space than a DJ.

  2. Groom and groomsmen hike in suits for a pre wedding portrait session with amazing viewspintopinterest

  3. How easily could I get around this venue, hopping on one leg?

    First you thought I must be crazy, now you’re probably pretty sure I am just ridiculous. Either way I stand by the validity of this important venue consideration.

    Are there any grandparents on your list of guests? How about runners, skiers or maybe avid hikers? Obviously a lot of our grandparents are at the point where they may not get around very well. What about that second group though? Injuries! Ariel and I have been to plenty of weddings where the marathon runner got a stress fracture or the skier didn’t see the patch of ice.

    Accessibility is important! Don’t forget to consider it while you are looking at the amazing view at your Asheville wedding venue.

  4. An amazing wedding cake covered in white frosting, sprinkles and chickletspintopinterest

  5. What are this venues options for food?

    Some venues are very picky about caterers. In some instances you may be stuck using the venues catering service no matter what you originally had in mind.

    For Ariel and I food is the one day of experiential that can not be compromised. We would gladly relocate our wedding to preserve the quality of the food. If you feel the same way, check the venues policy before you sign the contract.

    If your venue has a strict short list of acceptable catering options…check them out before you book the venue. Really, it’s that big a deal!

  6. Farm to Fender food truck parked in front of a Montreat North Carolina wedding venue for some amazing food selections at this Asheville area weddingpintopinterest

We hope you found some of this useful, entertaining if nothing else. Let us know what you think about our list. Leave a comment below or send us a message with our contact form. Just don’t do nothing…and feel free to share this with your Facebook friends by clicking Share on Facebook below!

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Silhouette of couple in castle arches by the ocean during their weddingpintopinterest

Adorable bride and groom pose looking at each other on castle draw bridgepintopinterest

Marina and Dan got married just two weekends ago at the always gorgeous seaside wedding venue, Hammond Castle Wedding in Gloucester MA. This was our first wedding of the 2015 season and I can’t think of a better way to kick it off!! Their day was absolutely stunning and Hammond Castle made the perfect backdrop for their seaside wedding!

Because Marina and Dan had us show up the day before to capture their beautiful rehearsal dinner we treated their wedding very much like a destination wedding 🙂 For destination weddings we try to capture some images of the local landscapes and people. In Marina and Dan’s case, we chose to wake up at sunrise and head down to Good Harbor beach which is arguably the most gorgeous beach on Cape Anne… we grabbed our cameras and captured the sun coming up the morning of Marina and Dan’s destination wedding.

Twin lighthouses are silhuetted at sunrise of Good Harbor beach in Gloucester ma  pintopinterest

Silhouette of seagull on the rocks at sunrise pintopinterest

Couples name written in the sand at good harbor beachpintopinterest

Marina made such a beautiful bride! I absolutely loved that she chose to incorporate a bit of her love of country music (and big trucks) and wear cowboy boots for the first part of her wedding day! She also picked out a gorgeous reception dress with a set of beautiful white high heels to change into for dancing in the castle!

Bride with her gorgeous bouquet poses for a quick portraitpintopinterest

beautiful engagement ring on top of brides cowboy bootpintopinterest

wedding dress hangs  silhouetted in doorway in black and white pintopinterest

silhouette of wedding shoespintopinterest

Gloucester MA marina is always packed with boatspintopinterest

beautiful brides gets zipped into her wedding gownpintopinterest

groom fixing his hair before the ceremonypintopinterest

cuff links being put on the groom before his weddingpintopinterest

Beautiful bride with her bouquet poses on castle drawbridgepintopinterest

Groom gets ready to see his bride for the first timepintopinterest

two adorable flower girls pose laughing with the groompintopinterest

cute bride and groom pose with their dog for a quick portraitpintopinterest

beautiful wedding program inside hammond castles great hallpintopinterest

bride waits patiently for the ceremony to beginpintopinterest

adorable flowers girls and the bride and grooms dog  smilingpintopinterest

flower girls run through Hammond Castle for the wedding ceremonypintopinterest

silhouette of bride and groom during their seaside wedding ceremonypintopinterest

bride and grooms first kiss as husband and wife after their seaside wedding ceremonypintopinterest

bride and groom happily walk down the aisle after their wedding ceremony at Hammond Castlepintopinterest

beautiful bridesmaid bouquet pintopinterest

Beautiful bride and her bridesmaids pose for a portrait  by some stone arches at Hammond Castlepintopinterest

Handsome groom and his groomsmen get goofy for a picturepintopinterest

black and white image of bride and groom by the arches at Hammond Castlepintopinterest

gorgeous bride and groom pose for a quick portrait after their wedding ceremony at hammond castlepintopinterest

beautiful couple kisses by the ocean during their hammond castle weddingpintopinterest

the tent and chuppah in gorgeous early evening light during the wedding reception at hammond castlepintopinterest

wedding cake during wedding reception at hammond castlepintopinterest

a view of the reception tent through a window at Hammond Castlepintopinterest

When I heard Marina and Dan’s first dance was going to be to the tune of “Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon, I knew it was going to be awesome… Matt and I had just been talking about how that is a must for a first dance song. They definitely didn’t disappoint their guests!

groom dips his bride during their fun first dance pintopinterest

flower girl shares her drink with the groom during wedding receptionpintopinterest

guests at wedding reception show off their dance movespintopinterest

Bride lifted up in chair during the Hora pintopinterest

adorable couple dances during wedding reception at Hammond Castlepintopinterest

Flower girls and a guest take a self portrait during wedding reception at hammond castlepintopinterest

the reception tent all light up at night with twinkly lightspintopinterest

bride and groom almost kiss in gorgeous spanish archwaypintopinterest

bride and groom run across a castle drawbridge during their sparkler exit pintopinterest

Marina and Dan, thank you so much for having us be a part of your fabulous wedding! We had a blast capturing your day and we hope you love your images!!

A huge thank you to all the other amazing vendors who worked hard on Marina and Dan’s wedding! We had a blast working with everyone!!

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If you’re in the process of planning a wedding you’ve probably figured out that this is a huge undertaking!!! Each item on the task list probably has 10 subitems and each have 5 things to do of their own. <-- I may be over-organized but I think you get the idea. Ultimately, we can't blame anyone for taking an opportunity here and there to cut a few corners. We highly recommend that you take the time to prioritize your list that way you're sure to not cut corners on your top 3 items!!

For Ariel and I the top 3 are finding a venue, photographer and caterer. We’d love to think that finding a photographer is #1 (occasionally we get couples where this is the case and it’s always fun to help them find their dream wedding venue) but for most finding and booking their venue is priority #1.

Next week I intend to post a list of 3 ways to avoid regretting your venue selection but today we are talking about choosing an Asheville wedding photographer, so here we go!

    Wedding photograph taken over the shoulder of a guest with a point and shoot camerapintopinterest

  1. “My Uncle Offered to Do It for Free”

    Uncle Bob may take a lot of photos but if he doesn’t photograph events for a living, just say thanks…but no thanks. Wedding photography is extremely fast paced and stressful (aka. exciting!!). Not to mention the vast variety of lighting conditions (including very very dark receptions!!). Most uncle Bob’s simply haven’t been in a situation where they need to get it right the first time every time. Don’t let your wedding be the day that he finds out wether or not he can pull it off.

    I know I’m biased but if you are going to splurge on any one item on your wedding day, it should be on photography. These images will allow you to relive all the big, little, in-between moments of your wedding day for years to come; the joy, laughter, emotion… your friends and family all in one place for a day to celebrate you. Going back to the top 3 items on the wedding planning to do list, if you it’s not in the budget to have all three, here are some recommendations to save a little here and there:

    • Depending on your must have attributes for a venue; backyards and public spaces should be on every venue list as far as we’re concerned. Some of our most favorite weddings have taken place right in the backyard of someone close to the bride and groom
    • Consider thinking out of the box when it comes to catering…Some of the best tasting food Ariel and I have had at weddings, has been potluck! Yes, you generally sacrifice presentation but you maintain taste and save a ton of money!
  2. A beautiful bride smiling at her Asheville wedding photographer on her wedding day while getting into her dresspintopinterest

  3. Overlooking Personality

    Why add stress to your wedding day? Hire someone you enjoy spending time with.

    On a typical wedding day Ariel and I spend 6-8 hours with our couples. Half of that time is spent in direct communication with the couple, the wedding party or the couples family.

    Do you really want to spend, or subject your friends and family to spending, that much time with a pompous “artist“. Worse yet do you want to be stuck with a socially inept bore? Maybe you do… If so we probably aren’t the photographers for you, we’ve been called many a thing “boring and pompous” definitely not…

    Meet your photographer before you hire them. In person, via video chat or phone. Whenever possible we meet with our couples over coffee or a beer and generally spend a good amount of time chatting about both wedding and completely non wedding related things, like hiking, traveling, food etc… You get the point… The important part is that you have a conversation and make sure that you click!!

    During your meeting they should be focused on you and your wedding. If they take the time to brag about themselves and inform you of what they require on the wedding day move on to the next photographer on your list.

  4. Bride and Groom posing for photo on their wedding day with shock and aww on their face as something surprising happens off camerapintopinterest

  5. Hiring Your Sisters Photographer Before Meeting with Anyone Else

    You and your sister may be close…but you are not the same person. You have to like your photographer. Add her photographer to your list and meet with them the same way you meet with every other photographer on the list.

    We love being contacted by sisters, brothers and friends of past brides but we still insist on a meeting before booking. Going back to the second item on our list of mistakes to avoid; personality matters!

  6. Couple enjoying a moment alone while they wait for direction from their Asheville wedding photographerpintopinterest

  7. We Liked Photographer A, But Photographer B Included an Album

    Remember…You can always add product later…but you won’t want that included album if the images were all underexposed and out of focus. You only get one shot at this, there are no redo’s when it comes to weddings. Make sure the photographer you hire is going to capture your wedding day beautifully.

    Once you have the images you love they can be put into any variety of products that you would like. Having images that you absolutely love should be your number 1 priority when it comes to selecting the right photographer to capture your day! Purchase an album for your anniversary, but at least you will have images that you are over the moon excited to display!

  8. A night image of a couple on the beach after their weddingpintopinterest

  9. Only Considering Photographers That Are Within Budget

    Rank the photographers you meet with by attributes first then add price into the equation. Style, reputation, personality and flexibility all have value. If you love the work you see from a photographer; never cross them off the list based solely on price. Meet with them and learn more about their pricing.

    Wedding photography is anything but standardized. Obviously you need to know how much it will cost, but try asking some of these questions as well:

    • If I can’t afford an album now can I come back to you for one later?
    • Can I print the digital images that I get from?
    • Do you retouch images for printing?

Wedding planning truly is a big task, but hopefully now you can avoid a few of these mistakes while you are choosing your Asheville wedding photographer.

Did you find any of this useful? Do you think we left something of value out? Tell us. Leave a comment below or contact us directly. If you like what you read; tell everyone you know with the social buttons below!

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  • I can definitely vouch for #5 – Brett and I did an evaluation ranked according to style, personality, etc, before bringing price into the equation. Once we brought price in, we cut back on what we were going to do… but by the end of our engagement/time for the wedding we realized we had way more room in our budget and added two separate sessions with the wedding party/friends outside of the wedding itself!

    As for the rest – Personality was super important to us – you really want to have photographers that can make you laugh and that you feel at ease around – and Ariel & Matt are, in our opinion, the best choice.