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Biltmore estate asheville engagement sessionpintopinterest I hope you guys enjoyed last weeks post where I shared some of our top tips for newly engaged couples planning their Asheville wedding or destination wedding. I’ve very excited to share this next post, only my second in this new wedding blog series! We’re going to talk about what to wear for your engagement session, styling tips, what to avoid and more!

engaged couple poses for engagement photo in front of Biltmore Mansionpintopinterest Let’s start with our top tips to look your best for your Asheville engagement photos… adorable couple poses in red tulips during their spring engagement sessionpintopinterest Be Yourself!
This is probably the most important tip, so even if you skip all the others… Do yourself a favor and read this one! Your engagement session is a time to showcase you, your fiance and your love for each other! Don’t try to be someone you’re not! Choose an outfit that showcases the best YOU! Our favorite photos from engagement sessions happen when the couple look and feel like themselves!

If you’ve only worn heels that one time at a friends wedding and it ended with a lot of pain… Don’t choose to wear a pair of 4″ heels for your engagement session… Maybe opt for an adorable set of flats instead… If boots are your thing, rock a set of those!

If you’ve never worn a dress in your life and believe you’re never to old to climb tree’s… Maybe opt for a nice pair of jeans and a blouse.

Most importantly, have fun (we’ve had couples tell us how much fun they had together shopping for their e-session outfits!) and choose clothes that make you feel great about yourself!

young engaged couple goofing off during mountaintop engagement sessionpintopinterest Compliment Each Other!
We love it when each partner has their own style! We encourage coordination rather than matching! Try wearing complimentary colors or variations of the same hue but include different pops of color in your individual outfits. Wearing a similar level of formality is highly recommended as well!!

I know I mentioned this above but have fun choosing outfits, go shopping together and try lots of stuff on… Make it a mini date and if you’re shopping in the Asheville area, reward yourselves with a beer at one of the awesome, local breweries (there’s plenty to choose from)! One of our personal favorites is Sierra Nevada just 20 minutes outside downtown Asheville. asheville engagement photo in the mistpintopinterest couple laughing fall engagement in Ashevillepintopinterest Location Location Location
This goes without saying… Keep your location in mind when selecting your outfits. If we’re headed to a park with lots of greenery or for a hike in the woods… You may want to stay away from greens and browns instead opt for pops of color that will make you stand out such as cream, purple, yellow…

I love contrasts and breaking rules… There is nothing more gorgeous than a long flowing dress and heels against the background of mountain peaks! But… bring some flats to put on while we’re traveling from one location to the other!

Lastly, keep the weather in mind and dress accordingly! Also, keep in mind that if we’re headed up to the mountains above Asheville (Max patch or Roan Mountain it will be about 15 degree’s cooler! Maybe bring a blanket to cuddle up together when it gets cold… Props can bring a fun editorial aspect to the shoot and help to tell a story! asheville nc adventurous sunrise mountain engagement photopintopinterest AMWStudios-58pintopinterest Don’t Forget the Details
It’s the little things that sometimes make the biggest impact!! For girls; choose jewelry that compliments your engagement ring, keep in mind – flowy clothing almost always looks better than clingy or tight clothing, pick shoes you love… For guys; take the extra time to iron your shirt, don’t forget to remove the wallet or cell phone from your pockets, leave your baseball cap at home.

Accessories such as a hat, sunglasses or a favorites scarf can be great to incorporate into the session

While I’m big on incorporating patterns into e-sessions, try to keep any branding on your clothing to a minimum. two dogs with owners during boston engagement sessionpintopinterest Oh and YES – Dogs or Horses are welcome (and encourages) to join in on engagement session fun!

Colors Colors Everywhere!
Don’t be afraid of color!!
Have fun playing off the location!

Even if you can’t bring yourself to ditch your favorite black dress, try to add pops of color here and there… Shoes and accessories like a jacket or a scarf is a great way to add color! AMWStudiosEngagementPortrait-29pintopinterest One last tip, ladies this is for you!! Even if you don’t normally wear makeup; a little bit of foundation, mascara and lip gloss will go a long way to enhance your natural beauty for your asheville engagement session! This is a great time to coordinate a trial with your hair and makeup artist!!!

In case you’d like some more inspiration, here is a link to on of our Pinterest board’s where we’ve pinned some of our favorite outfit ideas!!!

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ashevilleweddingphotographer-galleries-2015-43pintopinterest Hello Ladies (and Gentlemen)! If you’re reading this you’re probably recently engaged… Congratulations, this is such an exciting time for you, enjoy it!!!! This is my very first post of many to come in our brand new blog series called Wedding Tip Wednesday! For all you recently engaged couples and those in the process of planning their Asheville or Destination Wedding this weekly column will be for you!! My goal is to share helpful tips, some involving questions that are frequently asked by newly engaged couples and others that are lesser known! I’m hoping to get some awesome wedding vendors who are local to Asheville + The Carolinas to weigh in on questions that come up within their specialty! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

My article today is centered around some tips on what to do right after getting engaged! We want to help you make the most of your engagement, you should be able to sit back, relax and enjoy planning a day that’s all about celebrating the love you have for each other! Here are some steps to take right after your engagement to get the ball rolling…

Share the News

This is a super exciting time and one of the first things you’re going to want to do is share the news with your friends and family!!! Just one tip when it comes to this… Tell the people closest to you in person, or if that’s not a option because they live on the other side of the world, at least pick up the phone and share the good news!! They will love hearing it from you personally rather than from a Facebook post you’ve shared with the world.

isla mujeres wedding portrait on oceanside cliffpintopinterest Start Dreaming

This is arguably one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding… Grab a favorite glass of wine or a beer, sit down together and start chatting about the vision you have for your wedding day (or weekend+ if you’re planning a destination wedding! One of the first things to figure out is what you envision the experience to be like (for you and your guests… This goes beyond the color scheme, flowers, decor or even a pretty venue… When you picture waking up on your wedding day, how does the day start? Are you relaxing in the morning with close friends and family.. maybe partaking in a fun activity before the wedding festivities begin; such as golf, visiting a nearby waterfall (lots of those in the Asheville area), laying on the beach (not so many of those around Asheville, maybe a destination wedding in Costa Rica?), ziplining or a wine tour? Think about where your guests are traveling from, does it make sense to keep everything local or are you dreaming of a destination wedding! Make sure you and your fiance are on the same page, this will same potential stress later on in the planning process 🙂

stunning fairytale wedding candlespintopinterest Come Up With a Budget

This is a fairly important thing to do early on… This is probably the least fun part of the wedding planning process!! This will play a huge roll when selecting your wedding vendors and more! As you put together your guest list and begin looking at venues having a budget already in place is vital. This isn’t to say that you can’t reevaluate and choose to put a little more money into something that is really important to you, the key will be to prioritize and be practical!

ashevilleweddingphotographer-galleries-2015-7pintopinterest Create a Guest List Having a guest list is vital before you head out to look at venues or meet with caterers. Sit down together one night over a drink (or two) and come up with a list. First, create your dream list, think of everyone you would want to celebrate with you on your wedding day, write down all the names. Be realistic about the number of guests you can/want to invite…Your budget will play a roll in the number of guests you end up inviting.

ashevilleweddingphotographer-galleries-2015-53pintopinterest Choose a Venue + Set a Date

Now that you’ve sat down together and come up with some dream wedding ideas, you have your guest list (or at least a rough idea of how many people will attend), you also have a budget. These two things will help you on your search for the perfect venue! So now you need to go back to that first step I brought up… Pull out those notes you took during those dreaming/brainstorming session…What kind of wedding are you hoping to create?

Are you adventurous and outdoorsy? Does the idea of having your favorite family and friends gathered together for a whole weekend of fun appeal to you? If so then a summer camp wedding (check out Case and Dan’s gorgeous destination summer camp wedding for some inspiration! If you’re planning a wedding here in the Asheville or Western NC area, you’re in luck, there are so many summer camps here to choose from! One of my favorite weddings from last season took place just outside of Asheville, in Flat Rock, NC… Check out Megan and Andrew’s wedding at Camp Ton a Wandah


Maybe white sandy beaches is your thing and you’re hoping to plan fabulous, relaxing and fun destination wedding? One of our couples, LaShawn and Cedric, knew right away that their dream was to get married somewhere exotic.. surrounded by 80 of their closest friends and family… Check out their gorgeous destination wedding at Hardrock Hotel in the Dominican Republic

hard rock punta cana destination wedding on beachpintopinterest Now it’s time to start looking for venue’s who will help you create your dream wedding!

If you’re planning an Asheville wedding, here are a couple of our favorite local venues… Hopefully this will help you get your search started!

The Biltmore Estate is the first place to look when planning a luxury asheville wedding… The staff at the Biltmore will treat you like royalty and you will be able to sit back and enjoy celebrating your wedding!

If getting married on a working farm in the gorgeous blue ridge mountains appeals to you… Think horses, barns and gorgeous fields… Look no further than gorgeous Claxton Farm when looking to plan an elegant farm wedding in Asheville

What about a private house in the mountains just west of Asheville… If a mountain getaway is your thing, check out the beautiful Hawksdene House for your Asheville mountain wedding

Venues tend to book quite early, the popular ones even up to 18-24 months in advance… If you’ve done your research and have your heart set on a particular venue don’t delay contacting them and setting up a walk through. Make sure you take photos and have some questions lined up for the venue manager. One of my upcoming wedding tip Wednesday posts will be a list of questions and things to consider when selecting your venue!

luxury destination wedding photospintopinterest Put Together a Kick Ass Vendor Team

Once you have your location and the date set (hooray!!), it’s time to start choosing the rest of the vendors who are going to help you create your dream wedding. Many vendors book a year+ out (if not more.. heck we’ve booked weddings up to 24 months out!) so when it comes to choosing your florist, photographer, wedding planner and more… Have fun contacting people, stay organized, asked questions… Don’t just select vendors based on their gorgeous work, make sure your personalities jive. Your wedding team will spend a lot of time with you on the wedding day as well as planning sessions leading up too.. You should enjoy hanging out with them!!!

There are so many directories with lists of local vendors ready to help to create an amazing wedding… However, don’t under estimate the power of referrals. Ask your venue for a list of their favorite industry professionals. Wedding planners will also be able to give you recommendations! Even us photographers will be able to assist you in finding other professionals who will help you create a fabulous day… I find myself constantly passing along names of florists, make up artists and more to our couples! Feel free to reach out, we’re happy to pass along names of asheville wedding vendors we’ve worked with!

Biltmore estate wisteria silhouette of engaged couplepintopinterest Don’t Forget to Celebrate + Take Engagement Photo’s

We know this is a super exciting time and you are eager to plan out all the details of your wedding! Don’t forget to take breaks from planning, this is vital if you want to continue to enjoy the planning process! Make sure you have evenings with your fiance where you crack open a beer (or sip a glass of wine) and you don’t say word wedding… even once 🙂 You can do it!!

A lot of magazines or blogs tend to stress that you take engagement photos right after you get engaged… There is absolutely nothing wrong with this however I would highly recommend using the photographer who will be photographing your wedding for your engagement session! Many times an engagement session is included in a wedding collection. We treat our engagement sessions as a way to get to know our couples, it’s always a blast and we usually try to end our sessions over a beer (or some sort of yummy drink)! I know it’s not always possible to use the same photographer for both! You’d be surprised how often photographers travel for photo sessions or in the case of a destination wedding sometimes we’ll set up a session for a couple days before the wedding once we’ve arrived at the venue… it’s a great excuse to see more of the surrounding land and get some unique photo’s! Whatever you choose, have fun choosing outfits and pick a special location to take photos! If you don’t have a particular location in mind, ask your photographer! We absolutely love outdoor, mountain adventure engagement sessions (like this one here and have a list of favorite locations in the Asheville area that we can’t wait to take couples too 🙂 asheville nc adventurous sunrise mountain engagement photopintopinterest I hope this blog post was slightly helpful or maybe at least just entertaining?!!! Stay tuned for next weeks informational post!! gorgeous sunset light for asheville barn wedding photo of couple at sunsetpintopinterest Happy Planning!!!

Ariel + Matt
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asheville farm wedding bride and groom portraitpintopinterest You know what my favorite part of being an Asheville wedding photographer is?!? The people!!! This gorgeous farm wedding at High Meadows Events was such a fabulous reminder of why we have chosen to be wedding + lifestyle photographers. Amy and Colin with the help of their amazing friends and family planned (and executed perfectly) a beautiful, fun, intimate wedding that truly focused on the real reason everyone gathered together that day – Amy + Colin and their love for each other!

Congratulations Amy and Colin!! We can’t thank you enough for choosing AMW Studios to capture your day! asheville farm wedding programspintopinterest asheville wedding on a farmpintopinterest When a wedding includes one of my greatest loves… Horses… It has to top the charts as one of my favorites. Now that we are living in horse country here in the Carolina’s, I’m looking forward to seeing more equestrian weddings, you think there is a market as an equestrian wedding photographer?! beautiful asheville bridal portraits at a farm weddingpintopinterest Amy looked absolutely stunning… That dress… Perfection! bride and her ladies pose for portraitpintopinterest When shooting wedding portraits at 3 in the afternoon in June, finding shade is a must! fortunately High Meadows gorgeous barn had huge overhanging eaves that provided plenty of it + it’s exterior with beautiful rock work and large wooden barn doors made for the perfect background! groom and groomsmen pose for portrait at asheville weddingpintopinterest beautiful wildflowers from asheville wedding pintopinterest The flowers Amy chose for her and her ladies were simply stunning… so colorful! adorable asheville wedding family portaitpintopinterest I’m not one to post many formal portraits but this family photo was just to cute not to share! beautiful tented wedding in ashevilles blue ridge mountainspintopinterest Dinner took place in a beautiful tent by the barn…. the table decor was beautiful, very colorful but simple! You don’t need to much going on when you have Mt. Pisgah and the rest of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains off in the distance!! Located just 20 minutes from downtown Asheville, High Meadows Events is definitely a venue to consider when planning an intimate asheville wedding. tented asheville wedding in the mountainspintopinterest Beautiful details and yummy food was a highlight to this stunning asheville farm wedding! delicious wedding appetizers for rustic asheville barn wedding pintopinterest asheville equestrian wedding portraitpintopinterest We made a friend who was more than happy to pose for a few photographs with Amy + Colin! asheville equestrian wedding portraitpintopinterest This has to be one of my favorites from the day! How gorgeous are these two with a beautiful grey horse… fun asheville wedding portraitpintopinterest Forget about a T – Rex and no photoshop required! romantic asheville wedding portrait of bride and groompintopinterest These two are just adorable together… They were so natural in front of the camera, it was a pleasure to photograph them! asheville wedding portrait in gorgeous fieldpintopinterest AMW Studios is currently booking Asheville weddings, engagement and family sessions for 2016 and 2017! Planning an Asheville wedding? We’d love to hear more about your wedding plans!! In addition to being Asheville wedding photographers, we also photograph weddings in Boone, Blowing Rock, Cashiers, The Great Smoky Mountains and beyond!! Let us know where you’re getting married, we’ll be there!
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destination wedding at the woodstock inn vermontpintopinterest Hellooo Gorgeous… What a stunner this fall destination wedding in Vermont was. Gia and Michael chose the beautiful Woodstock Inn & Resort as the place for their friends and family to gather and celebrate them taking next step in their lives together! If you’re looking for a stunning, elegant and classic New England venue to hold your destination wedding at… RUN…FAST… to this gorgeous venue and book them (then give us a call!). Needless to say, Matt and I felt so honored to be a part of the festivities! What a fun wedding to photograph… It was truly a photographers dream with a beautiful couple, gorgeous wedding details and a whole lotta love!!!

This wedding is yet another wonderful wedding that has taken way to long for me to blog… However, while I was slow to publish, so many other wonderful blogs; including Style Me Pretty, Swooned , A&E Networks TV Show “Best in Bridal”, Brides UK, and more have featured this wedding!!! Wow, right?!?!
Well it make have taken me a while but I am so excited to share this gorgeous wedding with you today!!! destination wedding at the woodstock inn vermontpintopinterest How gorgeous is her stunning dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo’s! woodstock inn wedding ring photopintopinterest woodstock inn fall wedding detailspintopinterest woodstock inn wedding bride in wedding dresspintopinterest How beautiful is Gia? Just stunning!! gorgeous jimmy choo shoes for fall weddingpintopinterest woodstock inn destination wedding bridal portraitpintopinterest woodstock inn wedding first lookpintopinterest This is what true love looks like my friends, how happy do these two look to see each other?! gorgeous fall wedding party at woodstock inn wedding pintopinterest gorgeous cascading bouquet bridal portrait pintopinterest Let me tell you, Gia’s cascading bouquet was stunning but it was also heavy, so heavy! Good thing Gia lifted lots of weights leading up to her wedding…. fall vermont destination wedding  flowerspintopinterest beautiful fall destination wedding in vermontpintopinterest fall vermont wedding at the woodstock inn bridal party pintopinterest Pretty ladies… woodstock inn vermont weddingpintopinterest adorable flower girl and ring bearer fall destination weddingpintopinterest How cute are these kiddos, I mean really?! woodstock inn vermont fall wedding ceremonypintopinterest woodstock inn front lawn wedding ceremony pintopinterest gorgeous luxury destination wedding ceremony pintopinterest The arbor that Crystal and Bark designed and created was just gorgeous. woodstock inn vermont wedding ceremony pintopinterest gorgeous woodstock inn front lawn weddingpintopinterest These two images from the end of Gia and Michael’s front lawn ceremony at the Woodstock Inn are two of my absolute favorites! woodstock vermont covered bridge wedding portraitspintopinterest woodstock inn vermont fall wedding pintopinterest Anyone who’s been to the charming town of Woodstock Vermont knows just how popular the covered bridge is for photos and rightfully so… The light, its gorgeous! destination wedding photos woodstock vermont pintopinterest gorgeous wedding shoespintopinterest Great wedding shoes! Both of them! woodstock inn vermont covered bridge wedding portraitspintopinterest gorgeous destination wedding portraits vermont pintopinterest Another favorite of them walking across the gorgeous New England bridge! luxury destination wedding photospintopinterest Oh guys… The reception space Gia and Michael envisioned for their evening was just amazing! Sperry Tents had set up – in the back courtyard of The Woodstock Inn – the most gorgeous 5 tier sailcloth tent. If you’re looking for a gorgeous tent for your outdoor wedding reception use Sperry Tents, there is no one that compares! luxury destination wedding detailspintopinterest The cute lace lined luggage style tags were tied onto beautiful birch and beech wood along the path to the tent… A unique and beautiful seating chart! luxury tented destination wedding detailspintopinterest beautiful tall centerpieces adorn tented wedding tablepintopinterest gorgeous luxury floral centerpiecespintopinterest gorgeous tall elegant wedding cake pintopinterest stunning fairytale wedding candlespintopinterest The courtyard area was lit up with romantic candles hanging from the surrounding surrounding trees… This created a romantic fairytale atmosphere for guests to enjoy! gorgeous tent with star lit up at night during luxury destination wedding pintopinterest I meant really… Look at this stunning tent! truly a luxury wedding! destination wedding at the woodstock inn vermontpintopinterest destination wedding dancing pintopinterest So much fun!! destination wedding at the woodstock inn vermontpintopinterest These two were all smiles throughout their whole wedding day! gorgeous outdoor night photopintopinterest The outside of this gorgeous tent made for some beautiful end of the night images! ethereal outdoor wedding portrait at night pintopinterest AMW Studios is currently booking Asheville weddings, engagement and family sessions for 2016 and 2017! Planning an Asheville wedding? We’d love to hear more about your wedding plans!! In addition to being Asheville wedding photographers, we also photograph weddings in Boone, Blowing Rock, Cashiers, The Great Smoky Mountains and beyond!! Let us know where you’re getting married, we’ll be there!
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hard rock punta cana destination wedding on beach pintopinterest It’s so fun to look back at some of our past weddings, especially when it’s as awesome as this one!!! La Shawn and Cedric had a gorgeous destination wedding at the stunning Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. What a fabulous location for a fun destination wedding!!

Needless to say Matt and I had a blast capturing the fun weekend these two had celebrating with 80 of there favorite people!

Matt and I are first and foremost Asheville wedding photographers but being just an hour and fifteen minutes from Charlotte Douglas International Airport… Well, you know what that means right?! It’s very very easy for us to jump on a plane for destination weddings in the Caribbean and beyond! Matt and I absolutely love the adventure that goes along with photographing awesome destination weddings! Planning a destination wedding, we’d love to hear from you!! hard rock punta cana weddingpintopinterest hard rock hotel destination wedding bride pintopinterest Love this silhouette of La Shawn in the Hard Rock hotel window! hard rock punta cana wedding bridal portraitpintopinterest What a gorgeous bride La Shawn is!!! hard rock hotel wedding ceremonypintopinterest hard rock punta cana wedding pintopinterest I snuck these two out for a gorgeous sunset photo in front of the Hard Rock resort, I think it was worth it!! hard rock hotel destination weddingpintopinterest hard rock hotel destination weddingpintopinterest hard rock punta cana weddingpintopinterest The Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana is such a gorgeous spot for a destination wedding! hard rock punta cana resortpintopinterest hard rock punta cana weddingpintopinterest hard rock punta cana wedding portraitpintopinterest Trash the Dress Session’s make us so happy to be destination wedding photographers! Especially when you’re in a spot as gorgeous as Hard Rock Punta Cana!! hard rock punta cana wedding portraitpintopinterest hard rock punta cana trash the dress sessionpintopinterest hard rock punta cana wedding bridal portraitpintopinterest I mean really?!?! How gorgeous is La Shawn!! We had so much fun taking some awesome destination wedding bridal portraits during their trash the dress session! hard rock punta cana wedding bridal portraitpintopinterest AMW Studios is currently booking Asheville weddings, engagement and family sessions for 2016 and 2017! Planning an Asheville wedding? We’d love to hear more about your wedding plans!! In addition to being Asheville wedding photographers, we also photograph weddings in Boone, Blowing Rock, Cashiers, The Great Smoky Mountains and beyond!! Let us know where you’re getting married, we’ll be there!
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